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Wanna fuck tonight in lahat

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  1. Yozshugar
    Yozshugar1 year ago

    Mfs must ain't got no editor or sumn

  2. Doushakar
    Doushakar1 year ago

    Not if you keep your legs closed until marriage, like any decent woman would do.

  3. Nesho
    Nesho1 year ago

    They do in Texas. You have to hear the heartbeat and you have to have a vaginal ultrasound. And you have to wait 24 hours before the procedure, so you have to go there, and come back through the spitting protesters.

  4. Yozshujar
    Yozshujar1 year ago

    Too often, young men are blinded by lust and infatuation with a young woman to see the trouble that lies before them.

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