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Hot nerdy girls masterbaiting

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  1. Moogular2 years ago

    So a high school kid asked his much older brother to help him buy condoms at the drugstore. While they are at the condom aisle, the younger brother asks, "What are the single package condoms for?" The older brother says, "That's for high school kids like you, for a quickie under the bleachers after a Friday night football game." "Oh," said the younger brother, "then what are the three pack condoms for?" "Those are for college sex, one for Friday night, one for Saturday night, and one for Sunday morning, " the older brother replies. "Ok, then what are the twelve pack condoms for?" The younger asks. "That's for married sex," replies the older. "Really? I can't wait to get married!!" Exclaims the younger.

  2. Gami
    Gami2 years ago

    Yes but it is an upscale version of Taco Bell in the future!

  3. Akizilkree2 years ago

    Damn you're sexy as fucking taking that dick.LOVE a chick with ink too.good work got me a thick butt fountain watching you ;)

  4. Fem
    Fem2 years ago

    Butt penalty! Uhg where do you find a chick like this!

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